How Precision Bridges the Gap to Accelerate and De-Risk SBIR Deal Flow



Intelligence Drives Operations.  Combining direct collaboration with our DoD, Fortune 500/Prime, Investor and Higher Education partners with Analytical Market Assessments based on research and data aggregated through our proprietary tools and process, we Collect, Fuse, Analyze, and Disseminate relevant, timely, and targeted insights that drive Product Development, Market Placement and Contract Acquisition Strategy and operational decisions. 


By facilitating joint collaboration amongst our DoD, Fortune 500/Prime, Investor and Higher Education partners, we’re able to identify and understand Dual Use solution needs.  Once the problem is defined, we develop criteria to meet the needs of our partner users.  From there, we recruit solutions and teams, stewarding them thru contract and engagement processes with our active partners.


            Step 1:  Identify and scope DoD partner need

            Step 2:  Assess Dual Use Fit

            Step 3:  Assess Team and TRL (Technology Readiness Level)

            Step 4:  Develop initial contract strategy and DoD market entry

Precision partners with clients to accelerate their growth by speeding adoption and opening new, stable sales channels with our government and Fortune 500/Prime partners.


“Today’s rapidly changing world, marked by increased speed and interdependencies, means that organizations everywhere are now facing dizzying challenges, from global terrorism to health epidemics to supply chain disruption to game-changing technologies.  These issues can be solved only by creating sustained organizational adaptability through the establishment of a Team of Teams.”  Gen (Ret) Stanley McChrystal


As experts in Rapid Fielding and public policy, market intelligence and government contracting expertise, we assist our clients and partners in navigating the challenging U.S. Federal acquisition space. Our experience with the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR), Other Transaction Authority (OTA), PIA, CRADA and other Rapid Acquisition vehicles opens up the complicated space to small businesses, startups and university research teams creating the ability to rapidly deploy innovation to the Warfighter.  Precision team members work daily with government and non-government buyers and investors interested in Fielding and investing in emerging and innovative technologies in the following sectors: 


Cybersecurity, Defense & Aerospace, Critical Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Robotics, IoT, Telecommunications, CIS/MIS, BI/Analytics, Manufacturing Automation, BioTech/BioMed, Nanotech, GreenTech, Agricultural Science, Advanced Materials, Energy, Supply Chain, and Natural Sciences.


The Rapid Fielding process provides rapid transition funding, including investor matching (when applicable) for the development and fielding of highly successful competitive experiments and demonstrations. It addresses the approach, assessment, validation, sourcing, resourcing, and fielding of operationally driven urgent, execution-year combatant commander needs.


The Tactical and strategic edge of individual and military readiness is imperative to national security. The deployability of the solution to warfighters depends on its commercial viability and ability to integrate into the DoD environment,


Our Contract Experts are experienced in several non-traditional contract vehicles that aim to cut through the “red tape” many associate with government acquisition leading to shorter sales cycles and sole source opportunities for our clients and channel partners.


Federal contract acquisition can be a heavy burden for startups and small research teams.  For that reason, Precision takes care of everything from developing and pursuing contract strategy, connecting clients with our government and non-government channel partners, content and proposal development, pre-contract due diligence support, briefing preparations, program and regulatory interpretations, federal registration and credentialing.


Review, negotiate and project manage government contracts and

related documents to ensure the negotiated provisions are in compliance with legal and risk policies,

strategic initiatives and other government requirements. Support  performance of the government contracting process, such as but not limited to assistance with invoicing, interpreting governmental documents / regulation(s), and support in complying with rules within relevant government laws, statutes, and guidance.

  • Contract Planning

  • Contract Execution

  • Contract Management

  • Contract Compliance

  • Risk Management


Learning how to work with various agencies and program offices is key to contract paths and the life of your business Prepare for scale promotional concepts, pricing strategy, distribution channels and distribution plan.  Planning for the successful integration and transition of solutions is a complex process, made easy thru deep collaboration with DoD and relevant stakeholders working with Precision.