How Precision Bridges the Gap to Accelerate and De-Risk SBIR Deal Flow

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A. Scout Report (SR)

Time needed- 72 hours

Length 1 page

Definition -The Scout Report is pre contract and provides a rapidly evaluated assessment to the Acquisitions team enabling them to perform strategies meetings and business development. The Scout report highlights the company’s solution, its impact, the DoD problem statement and PEO initiatives, with potential stakeholders. The SR will support Precisions proposals, customer discovery and overall matchmaking of SBIR/STTR clients to DoD. Once the SBIR/STTR client gets on contract, there will be a Contract Scout Report created. 

B. Strategic Intelligence Report (SIR)

Time needed 1 weeks

Length 3-5 Pages

Definition - The Strategic Intelligence Report provides information for Precisions internal Team, SBIR/STTR Clients and End Users. The SIR will enable Precisions Acquisition and Client Services Department to plan for current and future business operations, deal configurations, client standups, contract support and overall business development. The SIR will contain aggregated and analyzed open-source information on Technology Sectors, Program Offices, Products, Government Projects, and Potential Stakeholders within the DoD Ecosystem.

C. Mission Intelligence Report (MIR)

Time Needed 1week (Internal) or 2 weeks (External)

Length 6-8 pages
Definition -
The Mission Intelligence Report is a set of instructions given to Precisions assigned team members when going out into the marketplace. The MIR will include the definition of the Teams Mission, who the team will meet with, and what supporting activities the team will perform in order to achieve their mission. Once the Team returns, there will be a briefing report produced. The information derived from this report is based on the set of instructions given in the MIR. The briefing report will identify whether the Mission was successful, provide key takeaways and set a way forward for Precision and its SBIR/STTR clients. The MIR will enable the requestor to better service clients, marketplaces, and assess viewpoints of the ecosystem.

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Bridging the Gap Between Government and Private Sector Innovation Ecosystems