Precision Procurement Solutions is at the bleeding edge of Rapid Acquisition and Non-Traditional Contracting (NTC).  Our network and experience make it easy for our clients and partners to successfully navigate otherwise complex Federal Gov and DoD procurement and acquisition processes to field Rapid Capabilities for the Warfighter.

Precision Procurement Solutions provides Federal/State Contract Acquisition & Compliance, Risk Management, Cyber-DFARS, CMMC, Prototyping, Product Development, Compliance, Business Development, and Rapid Acquisition Consulting for Enterprise-level, Dual-Use Solutions for Warfighters and SMEs in Defense and Critical Infrastructure Sectors, built by Warfighters, private sector Risk Managers, Business Intelligence Analysts, and Technologists.


Our contract team, led by your dedicated Client Services Lead, executes the areas of Acquisition, Contract Management, Information Assurance, and Compliance allowing the small business, corporate or higher education teams to focus on their solution within their existing business model while allowing them to profitability engage Government.


We work closely with DoD Customers and End Users, Venture Capital, Industry and Academia partners to recruit emerging technology solutions that meeting the joint needs of our Government and Industry partners across the MDO and Critical Infrastructure Sectors.

Please, review our process below, and spend 15-20 minutes completing our intake form to see if Dual-Use Rapid Acquisition is right for your startup, research team, or small business. 

How Precision Bridges the Gap to Accelerate and De-Risk SBIR Deal Flow

Rapid Fielding


As a Technology Scout, our team members work directly with Defense Innovators and Acquisition Professionals across DoD, VCs, Corporate Partners and Higher Ed to identify and scope buyer needs, test Technology Transfer and Contract Mechanics, and provide valuable Market Insight to assist our partners in developing, testing, and fielding emerging technology solutions for the Warfighter.


After identifying viable opportunities and empowered stakeholders, we recruit solutions with Dual-Use capabilities intersecting USAF, Army, Navy and the 16 Critical Infrastructure Sectors where our Network, Market Position, SMEs, and mechanics add value.


Whether DoD, VC, industry or academic, Precision Partners rely on us to provide an analysis of team, technology, and overall capabilities that match to their various initiatives.  We use proprietary tools and processes that help our partners understand team and technology potential and determine Acquisition Strategy.


Using intelligence gathered in the first 3 steps of our Intake Process, we are able to help our startup and technology transfer clients determine a successful path that can lead to sole source contracting with DoD, other federal agencies and qualification for investment or pilot funding from our VC and Corporate Partners.

Think SBIR/STTR is for you?!?!

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